20 Fun Things To Do Online While Self Isolating

We’re all adapting to our new routines and could benefit from some fun ways to keep ourselves entertained while at home and online.

Fun things to do online while self isolating at home

Here’s our list of 20 fun things to do online while self isolating:

  1. Virtual Museum Exhibits
  2. Explore the AGO’s Collections & Archives
  3. Look Through the ROM’s World-Class Collection
  4. Explore National Parks
  5. Check In on the Sharks at Ripley’s Aquarium
  6. Test Your Geography Skills to Figure Out Where in the World You’re Dropped
  7. Take in an Opera
  8. Ride a Roller Coaster – Leviathan
  9. Ride a Roller Coaster – Behemouth
  10. Take a YouTube Drawing Class
  11. Have a Movie Night with Friends Using Netflix Party
  12. Join a Free Movement Class
  13. Follow a Live Guided Meditation
  14. Check In on the Animals at the Toronto Zoo
  15. Play a Classic Arcade Game
  16. Start Learning a New Language
  17. Live Stream the Northern Lights
  18. Take a Hike Along the Great Wall of China
  19. Have Dolly Parton Read You and Your Kids a Bedtime Story
  20. Play Settlers of Catan