28 01, 2018

JUST SOLD! 222 Old Weston Road – Carleton Village

222 Old Weston Road was the answer to our clients’ condo alternative hunt. The semi-detached two storey home offered two bedrooms, two washrooms, a bright open kitchen, and a backyard with deck. This home is located within walking distance to The Junction with numerous restaurants, shops and bars. We’re so happy for our clients who succeeded in their goal of skipping “the condo step” of home ownership in Toronto!

Just sold 222 Old Weston Road

9 02, 2016

Getting Ready To Sell This Spring? Here Are Some Household Cleaning Tips!

1. To clean bathroom tiles and grout naturally, try a solution of 1/2 cup of baking soda in 2 gallons (approx. 8 litres) of warm water. Apply with a clean rag or soft toothbrush.
2. To scrub out or blot a stain on a cushion with a slip-cover, put a sheet of plastic between the cushion and the fabric, to prevent the stain from becoming absorbed by the cushion.
3. Most shower curtains are machine washable. Wash yours with some water, detergent and a bit of bleach (for disinfecting), plus add a few towels for abrasion.
4. To clean your dishwasher, consult your dishwasher manual for cleaning instructions, as the methodology may differ based on the interior finish of your machine. Most recommend running the machine with either vinegar, a light bleach-in-water solution, or a brand-name cleaner recommended by the manufacturer.

6 01, 2016

Toronto housing market caps a record year as prices surge past $1-million

Toronto_areaToronto’s housing market has just capped a record year, new numbers show.

And the industry believes it would have been even better had more homeowners wanted to sell.

The Toronto numbers released this morning and the Vancouver statistics reported yesterday show yet again why those two cities are the focus of bubble speculation, though few see a meltdown in the making.

“Despite stricter mortgage lending guidelines and the possibility of slightly higher borrowing costs on average, there will be many buyers who remain upbeat on the purchase of ownership housing,” Jason Mercer, the Toronto Real Estate Board’s director of market analysis said as the group released the 2015 statistics.

Sales in the Toronto area climbed 9.2 per cent last year to 101,299, according to the real estate group, and the average price rose 9.8 per cent to $622,217.

But that masks big differences in the type of house and the regions of the area.

The average price for a detached home in the city’s 416 region surged 12.6 per cent from a year earlier, to $1.05-million, while that for a semi-detached soared 10.3 per cent.

Average prices were lower in the outlying 905 area.

“If the market had benefitted from more listings, the 2015 sales total would have been greater,” said TREB president Mark McLean, referring to the fact that, in December, active listing were down almost 11 per cent from a year earlier.


SOURCE: Globe and Mail

15 11, 2015


When you purchase a home in Toronto, your Realtor will likely include at least 2 purchaser visits in the agreement of purchase and sale to occur before you close on the property. These visits can be used to make sure furniture fits, bring your family to see your new home, select paint colours, etc. You should plan to do your final purchaser visit a day or two before the closing date to ensure that everything is in order. Your Realtor will attend the purchaser visits with you and can help to answer any questions you might have. Now remember, you don’t own the home yet so there is a good chance that you will see moving boxes scattered around and the place might seem to be in disarray. This is normal (within reason). If your final purchaser visit takes place a day before closing and the house is full of garbage, no furniture has been moved and there is a car in the driveway with no tires on it, your realtor should definitely investigate further as it’s not likely that all of this will be resolved in one night.

Here is a list of things to look for during your final purchaser visit:

• Inspect ceilings, walls and floors for any damage that did not exist at the time you made your offer
• Turn on and off every light switch
• Test heating and air conditioning
• Test any exhaust fans
• Test all appliances
• Open and close all windows
• Test all of the outlets
• Check around all visible piping for leaks
• Run sink and tub water. Flush toilets
• Test the garage door opener
• Check for things that you thought would be included (appliances, light fixtures, etc)

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