We came to find our current home in a very unique manor.

I had been following the Thurston Olsen Instagram account for a number of years. I had no real intentions or timelines on purchasing a new home – I simply enjoyed seeing the beautiful properties they staged and listed in my neighbourhood.

My husband and I knew that “one day” we would be looking to sell our current place and get a bigger home for our growing family. While out of town I was passing time scrolling through my instagram feed when a new listing from TO popped up. I fell in love! The home was open concept, the finishes were stunning and it had everything we had been dreaming of. I sent the instagram post to my husband and asked him to check it out. He fell in love too.

When I returned home I reached out to my real estate agent and asked her if we could view the TO property. From there we made an offer and eventually purchased the home. I love telling people that “we bought our home off of Instagram”.

Although the Thurston Olsen team were not our agents, the process of dealing with them was fantastic. They were professional, fair, and a pleasure to deal with. Ultimately, it was their beautiful Instagram posts and clever marketing that helped us find our forever home and in-turn caused us to list and sell our old home. There is no doubt that if we were ever looking for an agent in the future to sell our home and purchase a new one, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Thurston Olsen.

Scarboro Crescent

We loved hearing this story and we’re so grateful
that Marlo shared it with us!

We maintain a very high standard for how we market our listings because we know how important it is in the successful sale of a property.

Everything that we do is intended to make our listings stand out as superior to other properties on the market. From industry-leading staging to effective marketing including custom websites, professional photography, HD videos, virtual tours and a ton of social media (including Instagram!), we do it all!

Want to know more about our listing process and what we can do for you? Reach out! We’re here to help and to ensure that you have a positive experience and a successful sale!

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