Do you have all the documents you will need to sell your home? Here is a checklist to help.

Mortgage documents: You may wish to meet with your loans officer to discuss transferring, discharging or paying your mortgage. This is a good time to begin negotiations on the terms of your next mortgage

Property Survey: Be sure to inform your agent if there have been any changes to your property that could affect the accuracy of the survey.

Your deed or transfer of title document

Tax assessment documents

Utility Bills

Other claims relating to your home: separation agreement or court order, will or probate documents, liens, unpaid judgments against you, unpaid
taxes, unpaid utilities, or pending litigation

Pertinent condominium documents (if you live in this type of home)

Items and information that will make your home more marketable: photographs or videos of your home with the garden in bloom or your pool open and beautiful, or conceptual ideas for upgrades or renovations that you have considered.